Transport in Brasov

Within Brasov you can use the public transportation i.e. buses and trolleybuses or taxis.

Public transportation in Brasov is very extensive and runs late into the night (there are specialized all-night services too). It is cheap also, even though not particularly comfortable due to ageing infrastructure. Run by RAT Bv (Regia Autonoma Transport Brasov), the network is made up of trolleybuses, buses and trams, like in most other Romanian cities. You should buy tickets from specialized RATBv kiosks or from newsagent’s kiosks, but remember to punch them when on the bus. Even though there are no ticket gates when entering the vehicles it’s wise to have a valid ticket because controllers are abundant, and they will land you with a fine. When someone requests your ticket, always ask to see an ID.

Taxis are a faster and more comfortable way to get around town than public transportation. Taxis are also relatively cheap. Most taxis have meters and drivers are usually friendly. There’s never a shortage of cabs within city limits at any given hour, but it is a good idea to have one called, rather than going looking for one. Ask the approximate fare in advance and always make sure the driver uses the meter from the start, or agree on a fixed amount for the ride. Though rare, there have been cases when foreign tourists have been asked to pay enormous amounts. It is OK and always a good idea to ask for an estimate in advance, even when the cab is using a meter. Taxis are usually parked in designated areas along the curb, which are in the proximity of bus stations or other busy spots. When traveling outside city limits you may be asked to pay double fare per kilometer (it is considered acceptable), or you could agree on a fixed amount in advance. Tipping taxi drivers is not very common, but it’s always appreciated. If you find a reliable and trustworthy driver that you feel comfortable with, you could ask if he is willing to serve you for the remainder of your stay in Brasov. Most likely, he will be happy to give you his cell number or car number so you can call dispatch and ask for him. This way you will avoid having to continually switch drivers. Never get into a taxi that doesn’t have a sign with the company name on top of it, you may get ripped off.

Here’s a list of some of the most reliable taxi companies.

There are regular buses from Brasov to Poiana Brasov (bus #20 every half-hour from Livada Postei, by the Parc Central). They have a standard price per journey. Tickets can be bought at the RAT Bv kiosks.

Outside Brasov, you can travel by train, bus or so-called Maxi Taxi which is actually a van.

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Maxi Taxi are very popular, because they are cheaper than the train, fast enough, more buses available than trains (for example, for Brasov-Bucharest they are leaving, one every half an hour), but they are less reliable and comfortable than trains. Usually, the Maxi Taxi stations are next to railway stations.

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Regular buses or Maxi Taxis are available also for those who want to travel within Brasov county or to neighbouring counties. One of the companies which offer such services is: SC Transbus Codreanu

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