Country Houses – Rural tourism

Staying in a country house with a Romanian family, being treated like one of them, would be another option for the tourist visiting Brasov and it’s surroundings. You will eat with them, drink the famous ‘tzuica’ with them and have fun like they do. It can be an interesting adventure for children and adults, not to mention a very good opportunity to learn about Romanian traditions and life style, and, why not, try to learn the language.

Rural tourism in Romania has turned out to be an extremely dynamic sector in recent years. Guest houses and rural guest houses have cropped up lately. Some of them have been built in recent years and display a modern architecture, whereas others, more traditional are housed by the typical Romanian village house. These guest houses have a smaller capacity, of only 2-3 rooms; others the so-called group guest houses offer accommodation in more than 10 rooms, and their standard is in no way below the standard provided by the regular hotels.

The offer of the guest houses and rural guest houses has been constantly improving. The tourist offer also has cultural programs set up to discover the local customs and traditions or to learn certain crafts. There are also ecological programs , of local nature exploration. Some of the rural guest houses even have skiing sessions on offer.

The Rucar-Bran pass, is the birthplace of rural tourism in Romania. More than ten years on, there have been built over 500 guest houses in Brasov county, rated 2 to 5 daisies; those with the higher rating provide lots of facilities, such as a living room , a special dining room, a fitness hall; some of them even have a sauna and an indoor swimming pool. Tourists can also do alpine skiing. There is a ski slope in Bran, provided with ski-lift and night floodlighting. Apart from skiing facilities proper, sleigh and even ATVs were made available. If tourists come without skis, they can rent skiing equipment or equipment for other winter sports.

A journey to Bran also offers you the possibility of tasting the specific traditional food: the traditional Romanian plate (polenta, ham, spiced cottage cheese made in Bran by the peasants, onion, home-made sausages, bacon, mosaic salami) accompanied by the famous Romanian “tzuica”.