Etnovember Feast

Since 1998 the intercultural festival ‘Etnovember’ occupies one of the fixed spots on Brasov’s cultural calendar. A cross between the words ‘ethnic’ and ‘November’, the name of Brasov’s Etnovember festival reflects both the cultural traditions of the communities present, and the month in which the festival is held. Three days filled with a wide range of art forms including dance, music, painting, photography and design – three days in which all ethnic groups from Brasov, Romanian, Hungarian, Jewish, Gypsy, German and Greek communities celebrated their diversity. The festival is an event of friendship, tolerance, respect and understanding. Throughout the festival Brasov also played host to several European guests, whose contributions further enriched the festival’s cultural flavor.

The structure of the festival always stays the same. There are three days; the first day is filled with exhibitions at the university, with a blues concert from a Belgian guest, Norbert Detaeye as a closure. The second day – Sunday – is when the medieval market takes place at the Weavers’ Bastion. The traditional ending ceremony of the market is a procession with torches through the old center. In the evening there is a concert at the synagogue. The last day of the event consists of a poetry marathon and the representation of all minorities of Brasov in different art forms. Again, Norbert Detaeye finishes the day, this time with a gospel concert.