Events in Brasov

Brasov already has a tradition of hosting a few annual festivals, which spice up the cultural life of the city.:

The “Golden Stag” Festival – an international pop music festival which started in 1968 and with a few years missing from it’s agenda, during the Ceausescu regime, it went on yearly up to now.

The Jazz and Blues Festival – an international festival as well, hosted by “Sica Alexandrescu” Theatre, in autumn;

The International Chamber Music Festival – held in September, it is organized by the Philharmonic Orchestra from Brasov;

The Contemporary Drama Festival – held yearly in November, it is host to Romania’s most important theatre companies, together with those from countries like France, Italy, the USA, Belgium, Sweden, Brazil a.s.o.;

The National Lied Festival – was initiated in 2003 by the internationally famous soprano, Mariana Nicolesco. Young artists compete against each other, while well-known artists give recitals.

The International Book Fair – hosted by the ‘Transylvania’ University, in March, it is an opportunity of finding out about the latest books and also to listen to quality music;

The International Opera Festival – an annual event since 2003. The first edition marked 50 years since The Opera House in Brasov came into existence.

The Beer Festival – a kind of local Oktober Fest. It is smaller and more popular with the locals and tourists. Usually held in the fall. Dozens of tents from several beer companies offer their products. Also, you will be able to get a taste of mici (Romanian grilled sausages) and other traditional foods. Local and national bands and artists of all persuasions take the stage.

The Junii Feast – it is a unique event, which takes place on he second Monday after Easter. Juni, the inhabitants of Schei, Brasov’s old district, dress up in their traditional costumes, mount their horses and form a procession which will pass through the old city’s streets up to the so-called “Intre chetri” (Between the Rocks), where the ritual starts. There is dancing, barbecuing and much more. The costumes the Junii wear are very picturesque.

Etnovember – a cross between the words “ethnic” and “‘November”, the name of Brasov’s Etnovember festival reflects both the cultural traditions of the communities present, and the month in which the festival is held;